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The mission of f.a.c.e.s. is to enhance family communication and functioning using an educational approach focusing on healing family relationships. We collaborate with the community, judges, lawyers, and mental health professionals to promote healthy family interactions by giving evidence-based parenting programs, anger management strategies and conflict resolution skills.

Co-Parenting Classes

A 10 week educational and interactive program targeted to deepen the emotional and mental well-being of children and families living in two separate homes.

Private Sessions

Individual private sessions are offered to parents who cannot attend group classes on a weekly basis; wish to further clarify co-parenting concerns and specific needs not addressed in a group setting or require more independent skill building sessions to strengthen their co- parenting relationship and improve their interactions.

Therapeutic Supervised Visits

Conjoint parent child therapy facilitated by a licensed mental health professional who fosters a healthy parent child relationships by providing skills that teach appropriate discipline techniques, effective parent child communication and ways to decrease inappropriate interactions between parent and child.

Supervised Visitation

On and off site standard and therapeutic supervised visits which offer non-custodial parents in the high conflict or high risk situations on and off site access to their children in a safe and supervised environment until the judge feels the non custodial parent has shown visitation with the children can occur with our concern for physical or mental harm.

Monitored Exchanges

Coming Soon.

Professional Development

Coming Soon.

Coming Soon.

Our licensed professionals coach parents while they develop the skills and tools necessary to provide an environment in which their children can thrive. We use a hands-on approach for role playing, peer review, and audio visual techniques. Both individual and group sessions are available.

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